About Us

swedenONLINE.TV is the ultimate TV site on the web that serves the public in a true way.

HOW can we be so convinced?

Because the content on this site is generated by you, the public.

It's you who make this site live and the forum where people want to meet and present the situation around you and your life.

It doesn't matter if you are working, sporting, on vacation or in a war zone, just post impressions that you want to share with the rest of the world.

We all experience important moments every day, moments that have impact on our lives. And it's so easy to catch these moment either by an ordinary camera, or by your mobile phone.

swedenONLINE.TV is a site with a global coverage through our sites in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Europe, China, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America. So anybody in this wonderful world will be able to see what you want to tell and show.

swedenONLINE.TV is a serious and responsible site and we respect human rights, freedom of speech, religious freedom, cultural differences etc.

We will not accept, and immediately delete, posted material that might provoke others, or in any way violates the rights above.